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Yuguda says Igbo Presidency will strengthen Nigeria

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The ex-governor said Igbo Presidency will strengthen Nigeria.

Yuguda, who also disagreed with the calls for restructuring said this in an interview with TheSun.

He said, “I strongly believe in justice and equity and in oneness of our dear nation. Much as politics is a game of numbers, we must strive to build confidence among our regions, i.e, the north, east and west.

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The east should be given a shot for the presidency, but should not be seen as a right, but comfort in the minds of our brothers and sisters, that as a region, they have had it too. If north-south is flying for now, why not north-west and east fly? If that will strengthen our unity and faith in our country, why can’t we have it? Igbo presidency will strengthen our country.

“No region will be better off in the event of restructuring because of the uniqueness of Nigeria. Let’s strive to have patriotic and God-fearing leadership that will place Nigeria on the path of sustainable growth and development.

“From our history, no region will be politically stable to allow for economic growth. We will eventually have tribal regions making up Federal Republic of Nigeria. Are you not proud of America appointing our Yoruba brother as treasury secretary under Joe Biden? America achieved this by accommodating races. Why can’t Nigeria do that?”

On why he dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Yuguda said he has the liberty to choose his political partners.