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You’re Very Stupid To Bring Back Whatever Killed Ebony Been Lesbianism Or Smoking – Pope Skinny Told

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According to him, it was useless for Pope Skinny to reintroduce what led to Ebony Reigns’ disappearance into the LGBTQ + conversation.

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“I’ll drop that bomb. Perhaps her soul may rest in peace. She was my girl, my friend. I met Ebony and that girl in the KOFAS studio. She then she was a student at Manfe, MEGISS, so I know what I’m saying. When Ebony traveled to her hometown with Franky, they made love there and were killed for it, ”the rapper alleged in the viral video.

Commenting on his Twitter timeline, comedian Waris wrote: “Pope Skinny is a cheeky charley, it was useless to bring back what killed Ebony, whether he was into lesbianism or smoking or whatever” .

“Let Ebony rest in peace … and stop acting like a girl in the name of trends.”