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You will die! – Wendy Shay curses follower for comparing her to Ebony Reigns (SCREENSHOT)

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The RuffTown Records label signee unleashed her frustrations and venom on a Facebook user yesterday when she attempted to make another comparison with her former label mate.

Wendy Shay only made a post saying, “calling for blessings, health, wealth, happiness and success in everything we do this month can I get an amen?”, but a Facebook follower who refuses to let go of the long dead troll decided to drag her.

The user who bears the name Christina Annan commented: “You Wendy Shay, you think that you can be like Ebony. You cannot be like her unless you dead.”

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In response, an obviously angry Wendy Shay went in all out with a deadly curse, calling for her death. “Christina Annan you will die,” she replied her.

Social media reacted.

One of the pioneers of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone waded in on the issue, saying it’s a good clapback.

“Wendy might be saying to the troll ‘we will all die too one day’ troll Annan included! Whichever way it was a beautiful clapback and she is human so hey! Hilarious tho. Shay on troll tho,” he wrote.

An Instagram user wrote: “Ahhhh people are mean…..won’t she be happy to have Wendy as a sis.” Another commented: “Since this does not concern me,l will love to pass my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Goliath it’s so sad to loose such a strong man with a single stone.”

Other users voiced their opinions on the matter.

“Apparently everyone will die i don’t see anything wrong with what Wendy said.”

“Insult her make it touch her now…. if she curses you with pain, my dear it will work 1000 times ooo.”

“Is not everyday that we will leave to God, sometimes God wants us to deliver karma to foolish people,” another user added.