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Xandy Kamel Ready To Grant Her Husband Divorce If He Requests It – Says She Can’t Fight For Him (Video)

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Actress Xandy Kamel has disclosed that she’s ready to grant her husband Kaninja a divorce if he does the right thing and requests it because she isn’t ready to fight another woman for him.


Xandy Kamel has been on fire this evening slamming her husband and his side chick as she makes a lot of revelations of how the side chick messaged her when they went to Kumasi to enjoy themselves and then her husband came back to apologize to her.

According to her in a recent video, if the lady thinks the man is hers, she should let him do the right thing and go to court and request for divorce papers to serve her and she will grant him the divorce since that is what he wants.

Adding that there’s no way she’s going to fight another woman just because of a man therefore if her husband has decided to leave her and go back to his ex, she will give him that freedom so they stop bothering her to enjoy her life.

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Xandy Kamel made it clear that she intentionally created that bad name for herself hence everyone knows that she isn’t a good person but then when you step on her or push her to the wall, that is when you know how bad she is.

Xandy Kamel sounded disappointed in her husband for not standing his ground and making decisions as to the woman he wants to be with and not respecting himself enough to drag her into his side chick issue that has become a mess now.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com