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Who Get Ear Vol. 102: Here are the songs you need to play this week

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Welcome to another inst installment of ‘Who Get Ear,’ Pulse’s flagship act for upcoming acts in the Nigerian music industry. This feature has been on for two years and Pulse Nigeria is proud to say it has been spotlighting some of the best songs and acts in the Nigerian underground for two years.

This is the 102nd installment of this beautiful feature listicle is now available on streaming platforms, Audiomack and Apple Music.

Weekly acts will also get a spotlight on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram Page. The pick of the week will also get a 30 second spin on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram stories. Last week, we featured Leki, Big Daddy Jayy, Kay Dee Vibes, King David and more.

This week, we feature Maze x Mxtreme, C Natty, Leopard, Dwin The Stoic, Kyrian Asher and more.

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Pick of the week: Maze x Mxtreme featuring Solid Keyz – Down South

Moment of the week: Who Get Ear Vol. 102 [Every song is amazing]

Here is the 102nd installment of Who Get Ear;

Maze x Mxtreme featuring Solidkeyz – Down South

Off their upcoming album is this amazing AfroEDM song filled with vibes and brilliant electronic sound. This is an amazing song.

C Natty – Ojah

Produced by Killertunez, this Afrobeat tune feels like a mixture of Wizkid, Tekno and Kizz Daniel. Whatever the case is, C Natty kills it with pristine adlibs and expletives.

Leopard – Amotekun

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‘Amotekun’ means Leopard in Yoruba. The song is topically unimportant, just enjoy the flow and melodies – those are impressive.

Dwin The Stoic – Of Us [Alternate]

With an acoustic sentimental ballad, Dwin The Stoic produces a well-written documents a post-breakup reality, filled with pain in picture-esque detail. What a song.

Nano Shayray – Who Knows

If someone had added a beautiful bass legato to this hook, this song could have been a supreme cut. Even without it, Nano Shayray combines a pen game that documents uncertainty aboard a pop beauty.

Buki – Back To Reality

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With a neo-soul spirit and a New Jack Swing percussion, Buki has a conversation with perfection and realizes that it’s a myth in the real world – a place she knows.

Dara Alamatu – Silk Road

Off his album, Easy To Love Me Now sits this song at track six. Dara Alamutu discusses his story and the peculiarities of his life on his way to success.

Nonso Bassey – My Agbani

Formerly of Universal Music Group, Nonso Bassey releases this Doo-Wop single in which he sings like an Afrobeat artist, romancing a microphone under the dim lights of a 60’s Lagos pub. Agbani is a symbol of sensuality and all things good.

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Kyrian Asher – Hyenas

Two months ago, Kyrian Asher returned furtively and thought we wouldn’t notice – we did. Speaking characteristically in metaphors and symbolism, Asher discusses his own human limitations and detraction on his way to success.

The music is perfect chaos of drums and suspense-themed vocal samples and melodies. This mixing could have been better though.

The Isomers – Extraordinary

This beauty rounds out the list.