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‘Where does the money go?’ – Joselyn Dumas bemoans gov’t on too much taxes and loans

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Expressing her disapproval over the controversial e-levy bill, she then quizzed “so where does the money go? Yet we owe. Then #ELevy ? … in such obviously hard times?

Further expressing her worry over the paradox of how Ghana is rich yet poor, she shared another tweet to say that Ghana will be more developed if recourses are used judiciously.

Hmmm Heh! Ghana we’re soo blessed in soo many ways, just soo many ways, if resources, taxes, tariffs etc are genuinely streamlined, we’d be wayyyy developed. Soo blessed, yet nothing to show for it. May God help us,” she tweeted.

Reacting to her comment, a fan said “Hmmm ask again oo @Joselyn_Dumas this matter if you talk some mean you’re for NDC.I know the useless people will come and comment nonsense under your post,” and she replied “yes and it’s not about being partisan at all. For me it’s just voicing out concerns on the subject matter. That’s all“.

Ghanaian singer, Trigmatic also replied to Joselyn’s post and added “well said sis. I think as a people we must be firm on accountability. Accountability on all levels. From the base to the top Chale! It’s a sad situation but I believe an awakening is needed to keep leaders on their toes and to reward diligence rather than mediocrity“.