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What Shatta Wale did to Jackie Appiah wasn’t right – A Plus

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He said what the dancehall superstar did was not right and it is something he has made him aware of.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz programme, A Plus said Shatta Wale shouldn’t have insulted Jackie Appiah publicly for a rumour he heard.

“Shatta is my friend, if he does something that is not good I expect to tell him that it is not good”, he said.

“I don’t like what Shatta did to Jackie Appiah, I don’t like it. It wasn’t right. It is only in Ghana that if you tell your friend that he erred then he gets angry.”

Shatta Wale dragged Jackie Appiah recently in a rant over the controversial e-levy bill.

While addressing the E-Levy bill dragged in Ghanaian celebrities like Jackie Appiah who allowed the government to use them for a campaign by the NLA yet they turn mute when it comes to the other pressing matters.

It’s recalled that in March 2020, Shatta Wale suggested that government should pay Ghanaian celebrities to become COVID-19 ambassadors. However, Jackie Appiah disagreed with his opinion when she was asked about it in an interview.

Descending heavily on Jackie Appiah, he said he doesn’t see her as a legend again nor a celebrity because she is living a fake life. “All of you that went to the NLA thing, you are not a celebrity, you are ‘nkwankyen’ roadside stars,” he said.

Watch A Plus video below