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We Couldn’t Find Where $1 Billion Coming Into This Country Went To During Corona Season – Prophet Oduro Alleges

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Prophet Kofi Oduro, founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministry has lamented about how the government of Ghana handled funds that the country received during the pandemic.


Prophet Oduro believes governments in Africa took the opportunity to loot a lot of funds from the COVID-19 season.

He said;

“When I look at the wealth that has been looted out of COVID in the continent of Africa, it is sad,” he claimed

Speaking about how Ghanaians had a ‘fair’ share of the relief funds which he claims amounted to about $1 billion, he revealed that the government shared food for its citizens during the pandemic which government official enriched themselves from the public purse.

“We had $1 billion coming into this country and we cannot find where that money even went to. 200 million was blown away in three weeks and we said that we used it in sharing food. Wow!!!!,” he lamented whiles addressing social issues in a video on social media

In other news, Nana Akufo-Addo has been advised to limit the number of ministers in his cabinet.

This came from Nana Ofori Owusu during the morning show “Kokrokoo” on Peace FM. He explained that Ghana is facing an economic crisis and the average Ghanaian can’t make ends meet, and it will be advantageous for President to deal with any directive that may adversely affect the lives of Ghanaians.

He continued by saying that the government size contributes to the factors responsible for the hardship in the country and wondered why the President will still have to work with over 100 ministers.

“You can’t say that we are going to have over 100 Ministers in difficult times that none of them will be touched, none of the structures will be reduced or that we won’t reduce the size of government. We must reduce the size of government. You tell us that we are in difficult times and in difficult times we must take very strong measures. The measures cannot be one-way measure that citizens alone must feel the blunt end of the measure; those in government must also feel the blunt end of the measure,” he stated categorically.

He went further to offer a word of advice to the government, he said;

We have to be careful. We are all under serious pressure. Salaries are not going up but the effect of this thing on the average person is so serious that you can’t even begin to understand how people are going through it.” 

Source; www.ghgossip.com