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We Are Fast Killing Our Hits With Dance Moves – Wei Ye Oteng

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Ghanaian music producer Wei Ye Oteng has expressed concern about how dance challenges associated with modern songs have killed other good music which should have reigned organically.


He talked about how great songs like Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller and Kelvy Boy’s Down Flat were shoved into oblivion quickly by Kizz Daniel’s Buga song when the three songs should have to continue reigning simultaneously.

Oteng wrote on Facebook: “We Fast Killing Our Hits? Pushing songs to trends by making all these moves X dance for it to be a hit is killing our songs faster than allowing it organically grow to gradually to become hit.

Cox the moment another person’s moves overtake yours, no matter how great your song is, trust me your off the table. And it’s really worrying.

I was expecting much higher grounds for songs like DOWN FLAT, KTT etc by now to be uncontrollable but derr norrr some BUGA moves tell am sey make e’shift, guys u can’t beat the organic radio and TV promo with tiktok oooh, it’s really great technology is here to stay, but trust me we still need to reach the grounds and stop acting all made it when dancegod and some few others teach some girls move to start trending on our artist behalf, (Boobs X Bombom generation)

It’ s doing more harm than good, cox every now and then musicians are tempted to come with something new when their jams are out of trends, lets wake up be4 creativity becomes a competition. God’s Day.”