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Uzalo Actor Wiseman Mncube Opens Up On Stigma Surrounding Ancestral Worship

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Award-winning actor Wiseman Mncube has weighed in on why there is still a strong resistance towards ancestral worship. According to Wiseman, the negative narratives about ancestral worship might be the cause.


“Amadlozi wam are my key to unlocking and unblocking so many doors. This move will definitely heal the broken spirits that depress the nation,” he said.

In a recent sit down with TshisaLIVE the star talked about his spiritual journey as an artist, the star questioned why others in entertainment are afraid or appear to be ashamed of their beliefs in amadlozi, or ancestors, when he believes creativity and spirituality go hand in hand.


A lot of people question why there are so many artists who pray to their ancestors or connect to amadlozi. I believe art is a spiritual thing; You need to meditate, you need to focus. That’s why when many artists have received the ancestral calling or pray to their ancestors, I wonder why they hide it because there is nothing to hide. It’s something you can never run away from, said Wiseman.

The Uzalo star also discussed the stigmas surrounding the religious practice. Wiseman believes with negative press about ancestor worship, people will continue to have preconceptions and fears.

He also believes that if people continue to run away from reality, judgment towards ancestor worship will be perpetuated in society.

People are hiding. If you look at Muslims, they are respectful of their culture. They don’t hide anything about their culture, they are not ashamed. If you look at Indians, like Tamils, they have respect. Indians do it openly without shame. I think the reason why black people are afraid is because others think older people perform witchcraft on them. Especially if you are a sangoma, people will be afraid. There are stories that have made people afraid to be out there. You will be judged. That is how we were raised growing up.

Other cultures are respectful of their culture. We are afraid to be out there because people feel you will perform witchcraft. You will continue to be judged if we keep running away and are ashamed,” Wiseman said.

Source: Ghgossip.com