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Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama shares screenshots of chats where he talked about plans to marry her

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In their latest war of words, Iheuwa released screenshots of a chat conversation Ubi had with an acquaintance where he professed his undying love for her.

She also revealed that she was going to drop an explosive video addressing the allegations leveled against her by Ubi.

“Let me drop this here before the video with evidence is ready…..THIS IS AFTER WE CAME BACK FROM DUBAI…..Ubi you said I am asking you to marry me or is it forcing you to get married to me? Or I won’t leave you alone?” she captioned the chat conversation.

“You said you will call the police on me? If I don’t pull my post down? I’m waiting for the police 👮‍♀️ this posts stay right up…….so why are you sending this to a mutual friend even after you met my boyfriend in Dubai.

“Please nobody should tell me to calm down because I have taken enough of these nonsense and disrespect I cancelled all my meetings today to handle this issue once and for all.”

Ubi had earlier released a video where he accused her of attacking his friend, Renee.

According to him, he is not married to Iheuwa and she cannot dictate who he associates with.