September 25, 2023

Twitter limits the selection of tweets customers can learn amid prolonged outage

Twitter is putting limits to how many tweets its users can read as the Elon Musk-owned service suffers extended outage that has stymied users’ ability to track new posts.

In a tweet, Musk detailed the revised usage quotas. Verified account holders can peruse a maximum of 6,000 posts daily, while unverified users must contend with a drastically reduced limit of 600 posts.

Newly registered, unverified users face even tighter restrictions with an allowance of a mere 300 posts per day, according to the Tesla and SpaceX chief executive.

Musk said that Twitter is wrestling with “extreme levels of data scraping” and “system manipulation.” These new constraints, he says, are essential measure to curb these pressing issues. Musk did not say who was scraping Twitter’s data — or how long had the issue persisted — nor did he elaborate the system manipulation claim.

The billionaire has previously expressed concerns about data scraping at Twitter and suggested that he may take action against the bad actors. Musk was briefly outraged over Microsoft “illegally” using Twitter’s data and threatened that it was “lawsuit time.”

The curb follows tens of thousands of users complaining on Saturday that Twitter was not populating their feeds with newer tweets. Instead, users were greeted with the “rate limit exceeded” error.

This is not the first technical hiccup that Twitter has grappled with in recent months, nor is it the first instance of an unorthodox solution being devised to hold the situation together.

Earlier this week, Twitter started to restrict access to its platform for anyone not logged into an account.

The hiccup arrives at a time when social media giant Meta is reportedly preparing to launch its own Twitter rival.

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