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TV host Cookie Tee turns hawker, sells mangoes on the streets (VIDEO)

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The ‘Starr Drive’ show co-host has been filmed taken a side job as a hawker, selling mangoes at the Ring Road in Accra.

“Life has been difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic,” she said in the 3 minutes video which has gone viral. “So, I’m just trying to make ends meet to feed myself and my family.”

She said aside from TV and radio, this is what she does but adds a little bit of swag to it.

“Sometimes, after TV and radio, this is what I do, but I add a bit of swag to it. Because the movement is better than apartheid.”

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Cookie later revealed that it was a prank and that she wanted to have the experience.

“I just had a little time. I wanted to experience what people who are broke go through every day.”

Watch the full video below.