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“The Youth Has Been Blinded By Religion And Politics”-Avram Ben Moshe

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Founder and Leader of the Common Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe has lamented how the youth in the country are being ill-motivated by religion and politics.

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To his best of knowledge, these aspects are being used by politicians and so-called men of God to hinder the truth from the youth, refusing to bring them into the light.

In an interview, Avram Moshe said that politics is one of the dangerous places in which anyone who tempers with that or stands against what they intend to do, will be eliminated immediately.

He also disclosed that he and his Common Sense family have been threatened by so many powerful personalities in the country but due to the faith and strong backgrounds, they always escape.


He also expressed his displeasure in some pastors who sell in their churches, Avram Ben Moshe recounted that Jesus Christ was against the act, thus his reason for mercilessly whipping the people he met selling in the house of God. He said the temple of the Lord is a house of prayer and not the grounds for trades.

According to him, if Jesus was born in this present time, pastors will scheme a plan to eliminate him from this world because they practice what He was against.

He advised the youth to be hardworking and make efforts in making their lives better upon their spirituality, adding that spirituality without efforts is baseless.

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Source: Ghgossip.com