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Thanks, But Next Time Pay Attention to Details- Shatta Wale Tells Blakk Rasta After He Praised Him

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Shatta Wale has swiftly replied to his nemesis Blakk Rasta after he praised him for the first time in a Facebook post last week.


In a subsequent news report filed by www.Ghgossip.com, Blakk Rasta eulogized Shatta Wale by saying he helped revolutionalize and commercialize Ghana music in a way artistes now get was due them.

He added that most artistes were just interested in producing hit songs and earning their own slice of fame without taking into consideration the monetary aspect until Wale stepped in and changed the narrative.

He posted saying;

A lot of Ghanaian artistes were just satisfied making hit songs and basking in the glory until Shatta Wale taught us to demand our financial worth too. Graçias.

Reacting to this, Shatta Wale suggested that this is something the Reggae and radio personality should have noticed a very long time ago instead of beefing him the least chance he got.

He further asked him to stop talking too much and pay attention to details which would enhance his scope and understanding pertaining to his (Wale) personality.

Am glad you have understood why !!!! Your problems is you talk too much that you don’t pay attention to details ..Pls pay attention and you will understand my ways ..Love always bro

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com