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Teacher Kwadwo Speaks On Why His District Directorates Hates Him – Says He Doesn’t Know His Crime

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Celebrity teacher, Teacher Kwadwo has opened up on why his district directorates hate him over his Fix GES campaign saying he still doesn’t know his crime.


Speaking in an interview with Abieku Santana, Teacher Kwadwo said that he was summoned to the district office over professional misconduct but upon arrival, they were saying other things which weren’t true as he has always been in school.

Teacher Kwadwo then explained why he decided to resort to social media and help the kids in need on his own instead of waiting for results from the proper channel he was supposed to take and it will have taken a very long time.

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According to him, his district hates him because he decided to take it upon himself to see the change in the educational system in his area and not wait for them to go through their long but proper channel to see things done.

Adding that to date he doesn’t know what his crime is as the GES has not been able to tell him exactly what he did wrong after being called there twice and we all know how things are for him right now because of his campaign.

video below;

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Source: www.GHgossip.com