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Stop The Foolish Investment In Football Now, Invest In Our Music – Bulldog To Gov’t

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The Ghanaian government, according to the outspoken artiste manager and entertainment analyst, should stop squandering taxpayers’ money on football and instead invest in the music and hotel industries.

It’s about time we stop wasting our taxes on sports especially football — and invest solely in our music and hospitality sector.

All the applause and accolades Ghana has out there in the world presently is owed to our entertainment and tourism industry.

Hospitality and entertainment is a high earner and healthy contributor to the country’s GDP.

Stop the foolish investment in football now!Invest in the arts. #DependOnGod#sikanhyiraadomaseda

Ghana’s national football team has been eliminated from the present African Cup of Nations competition. After losing 3-2 to Comoros in the group round, the squad finished last and thus exited the tournament.

See how netizens reacted to his assertion;

Hank Addotey Allotey wrote; I agree with you bro and I like to contribute to what you outlined, that sports is also part of the entertainment industry. However, investing this huge amount of monies in sports alone is ridiculous and sad. We have to take a better look at the entertainment industry holistically and improve it in such way that it will bring more revenue to the country and provide more jobs.

Anoited CaCio wrote; Bro, this one de33 I totally disagree with you.
Our football is in mess but we can’t stop investing, it’s the investment that will bring the best and sell us out to the world.

Source; Ghgossip.com