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Spike in Coronavirus cases in Madagascar [Morning Call]

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Two lawmakers have died after becoming infected with coronavirus in Madagascar. Eleven parliamentarians and 14 senators have also tested positive for the virus. The latest there was made by the country’s president Andry Rajoelina.

President Rajoelina still claims though that a herbal concoction continues to protect him and his family from COVID-19. But then what is the real situation? Madagascar’s situation with the COVID-19 pandemic began spiraling out of control in recent weeks after it appeared that the island nation was making progress.

It was regularly registering dozens of COVID-19 cases daily, however, a recent exponential rise in those figures saw it report a record 216 cases on July 4 after a total of 675 people were tested. As a result of that, the government placed its capital Antananarivo under a fresh lockdown, two months after the restrictions were eased.

Africanews correspondent Volana RAZAFIMANANTSOA is with us to tell us more