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South African students and parents denounce alleged racism at school

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Tensions remained high this Monday in South Africa as parents and students gathered outside a school in Randfontein near Johannesburg to denounce alleged acts of racism committed at the school.

The protest takes place after a fight broke out between two groups of students last Friday.

The incident was allegedly triggered when a white student used a derogatory term against a black student.

“We cannot! It’s 2022 and a black child still being called a Kaffer (a derogatory word used to refer to a black person, ed.). That is unacceptable”, complained parent Winnie Masike.

The police had to resort to water cannons to disperse the crowds.

Representatives from political parties and law-enforcement agencies were also present during the protest.

Some claim that racism is a long-standing problem.

“I hear what parents are saying, this thing is long standing, the racism in this school apparently comes from long long time ago” said grand parent Peter Maco-Charlie.

The school released a statement during the weekend to deplore the incident and announce that investigations are already under way.