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South African Man Wakes Up To Find A Lion In His Yard (VIDEO)

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A South African got a little bit more of what he anticipated when he woke up to a male lion staring at him in the face.


The incident happened in South Africa and it is not clear whether the man lives in a metropolitan city or he lives in the countryside surrounded by wildlife.

The bold man managed to retain his composure as he took a video of the male lion growling angrily at him as he stared at it.

watch video below:

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In other news, After infuriating supporters with a questionable penalty call, a referee in Honduras pulled out a revolver and walked around the center circle with it to maintain order during an amateur football match.

Fans remained a safe distance away from the match official as he walked around the center circle with the firearm in his hand.

In the western Honduran hamlet of La Jigua, a dramatic scenario occurred during an amateur match.

According to local sources, the anonymous referee carried the pistol to protect himself from enraged fans who believed he should have given their team a penalty.

As he was being jeered by the enraged fans, a relative is reported to have given him the firearm at the end of the game. During the home-made game, shots could be heard, but it was not apparent where they came from.

One fan was overheard calling the referee a son of a b****, despite the fact that he seemed to make the right decision by remaining in the stands.

The standoff did not result in any injuries, according to reports.

Source; Ghgossip.com