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Singer Lyta’s baby mama drags him on Instagram

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The music star’s baby mama took a swipe at him while answering questions from her fans on Instagram.

“Do you wish that Lyta can change and y’all 3 can be a family?” a fan asked.

In her response, the single mother of one said she doesn’t want to be with him anymore as she has achieved more since their breakup.

“I really did but not anymore. He was stopping my blessings, I’ve achieved a lot since I stepped out of our relationship. Many people don’t even know I begged him so we could co-parent and be on cool terms but he never agreed for our relationship to end so I had no choice but to let him go,” she replied.

“He wasn’t giving me the bare minimum of what I was looking for in any shape and form and he was very emotionally abusive too, one of the main reasons I couldn’t stay with him anymore.”

Lyta and Remi have been at loggerheads for a while now.