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Seyi Shay explains why she stopped taking photos with random male fans some male celebrities

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In a series of tweets shared via her Twitter page on Thursday, May 6, 2021, the music revealed how some of these male fans and celebrities have misused the opportunity.

“People talk so much about ‘pretty privilege’ but always forget to talk about some of the mess you deal with when you’re ‘pretty’. Ask your pretty friends and sisters. #Pempe,” she tweeted.

“Should I start mentioning the names of guys who at one point said they slept with Seyi Shay when I’ve never met them in my life? They want to associate with a hot girl so bad at the expense of anything. Insecurity of fuck-boy-rism? #Pempe.”

“I’ve taught myself not to pose with random guys (‘fans’) or some famous male figures because what usually follows is rumours that we’re dating. To my hot girls dem, We move!! #Pempe , every hot girls anthem, drops at Midnight.”

Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua also known as Seyi Shay is a Nigerian-based singer, songwriter, and actress.