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Selly Galley lost 8-month pregnancy – Preye Tietia reveals (VIDEO)

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Kofi then proceeded to ask “are you desperate for a child?” and Praye Tietia replied, “no we are not“.

This thing is back again,” he said and added that “my wife is very fertile, what people don’t know, and I will say it here and I am sure she wouldn’t like it for me to say but it’s about time“.

My wife was pregnant, my wife was almost about 8 months pregnant and we lost it but we decided to keep it to ourselves because it is not anybody’s business, so there is nothing wrong with my wife, the time will come and she will conceive again,” he said.

The presenter asked “and there is nothing wrong with you too?” to which he replied, “like I said she was 8 months pregnant so for the work, I have been doing it well.”

In the video below, Kofi Adoma also asked about how many children he is expecting they will have, the musician said ” I already have three kids from my past relationships so if we can get seven, we are looking up to God“.