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Security beefed up as countdown begins to Biden’s inauguration

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The inauguration of the 46th president of the United States is just 5 days away.

President-elect Joe Biden and his VP-elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on Wednesday January 20.

And security is one of the main concerns after the horrendous assault by pro-Trump supporters on the Capitol on January 6.

And it seems the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence has taken the presidential role.

He checked the National Guard’s troops assuring the security in Washington DC.

“We will deliver a safe inauguration”, he said.

Mike Pense also held a meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Meanwhile, preparations around the capital are underway for Biden’s big day. Workers can be seen putting up banners and mounting platforms for the inaugural ceremony.

More than 20,000 National Guard troops could be in Washington to help secure Biden’s inauguration, Washington Police Chief Robert Contee said Wednesday