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Sarkodie Gets His Special Customized Poker [Video]

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The rapper is known to be one of the few artistes who loves to play poker as means of entertaining himself.

In a recent video he posted on his Twitter page, the rapper posted a video that captured the moment he had his own special customized poker table delivered to him.

The poker table had his name boldly written at the two edges of the table.

He captioned the video; My special customized poker table delivered big thanks to @PokerStars#NoPressure

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, residents in a community near Basyonde in the Tempane District of the Upper West Region are currently in a state of shock after a nanny goat gave birth to a human-like kid.

This was revealed after the owner of a poultry farm in the community raised the alarm that one of his animals has given birth to a strange creature.

The child appears average from the waist down, except for its upper body, which resembles that of a human male.

The child’s face and body are human-like, with no long ears or horns like the herbivore are notorious for.

The human-like kid has been buried after it died shortly after birth.

Source: Ghgossip.com