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Sammy Forson details struggle with COVID-19

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The Ghanaian radio presenter has disclosed that he has contracted the virus since 30th November and it hasn’t been easy. “I kinda took things for granted and since 30th November, covid 19 has been dealing with me,” he stated in a tweet.

Detailing how it has been challenging for him, Sammy Forson who works Multimedia’s Joy and Hitz FM, continued that “Never have I experienced being ill like this. Being able to freely breathe is a miracle we take for granted“.

Concluding his tweet which has caught the attention of hundreds of tweeps, the OPA concluded that “I am certainly thankful to be alive” adding that “Covid is real” and reminded his followers to “WEAR A MASK ALWAYS“.

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Responding to an adamant fan who didn’t take his message serious and tweeted that “how much them pay you too” Sammy Forson who moved from Live FM to Multimedia, replied him saying that “dude, this is not a joke“.

COVID-19 in Ghana has ever since its outbreak has affected 53,954 people in the country as at 22nd December with 52,675 of the infected people recovering from it and 333 people have been reported to have died from the virus.

In the latest update, Ghana currently has 946 active cases with 98 of it being new cases. So far, Ghanaian media personalities like Naa Ashorkor of Asaase Radio, Gary Al-Smith, Doreen Avio all of Multimedia have tested positive for the virus too but have recovered.