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Sabrina Peterson Takes A ‘Lie Detecting Test’ To Prove She Is Not Lying About Rapper T.I & Tiny Sexual Allegations

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Business advisor Sabrina Peterson is ready to go a milestone to prove the allegations she has leveled against rapper T.I and wife Tiny are all true as she post the results of her ‘Lie Detecting Test’ she took.

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Sabrina attacked the couple about three days ago when she alleged T.I pulled a gun at her during a confrontation in his wife Tiny’s home in 2007. She went on to revealed the couple has been over the years being engaging in sexual abuse and trafficking of girls.

The couple had come out to deny all the allegations during a statement by a spoke person. And the rapper some moments ago posted an 8 minutes video on his wall publicly debunking and calling all the allegations ‘lies’.

Now Sabrina in motive to prove very allegations she is accusing the couple of are true, went ahead to partake in a ‘Lies Detecting’ test to prove herself. She then posted the results of the test online for people to judge for themselves.

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com