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Review: Nasir Jr. – Love, Hate & Psychedelics EP

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In High school, music started as an ‘escape from reality’ for Nasir and now, it’s turning into a full-fledged career. On February 19, 2020, he released his EP, Love, Hate & Psychedelics. An experiential six-track project, it explores and documents consumption of psychedelics as a response to societal pressure, troubles in love and societal ills.

Importantly, Nasir didn’t make an excuse for drug consumption or position it as a valid way of living, he simply highlights causation behind fundamental usage and allows a listener to make his or her mind up. His music is also produced aboard some incredible pieces of music production.

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The beats that house ‘Acceptance Speech,’ ‘Code’ and ‘Dope’ are particularly infectious and memorable. Throughout the album, Nasir is cerebral for both his beat selection and his topical conversations. Nonetheless, he must work harder on being more audible, so his complex thoughts can be better understood with clarity.

For example, ‘Code’ is a fundamentalist ode to profitable dogma without subscribing to unquestionable support. However, one has to listen two or three times over before his thoughts can be understood.

Yet, a beautiful part of Nasir’s music is that his topics are open to interpretation, away from even the interpretation he intends. Despite the depths of his talent and understanding of conscious music, Nasir is still developing; he’s not fully formed yet.

Yet, he already understands how to wield pessimistic views as a strength. ‘Bad’ is a slightly sad song built on an exciting Black Eyed Peas or Madcon-esque beat. Even when he sings about admiration on the Afro-pop record, ‘Oyinkan,’ she’s ‘forming’ for him. He’s also creative enough to use ‘Dope’ as a double entendre.

Ratings: /10

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Pulse Rating: /10

8.2 – Victory