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Real reason Igbos can’t produce Nigeria’s next president – Uzodinma

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Uzodinma said the Southeast was denied the opportunity to produce Nigeria’s next president due to the lack of equity.

Speaking with Channels Television, the governor said the Southeast can’t produce Nigeria’s next president due to injustice.

According to Uzodinma: “From the view of political calculation, the sentiment of the people in the south-east is that they deserve to produce the president because the reason why this power is moving from the north to the south is that the current president is from the north having served for seven years.

“The reason why the south-east is asking for it is that when the power came to the south it went to the south-west and was there for eight years and the next time it came to the south it went to the south-south and it was there for seven years plus.

“The natural thing to do and the justice of the case is that now that power is coming again to the south and since it is only three geo-political zones that made up the south, it should come to the south-east, having been in the south-west and south-south.

“In a situation where equity should be the issue we (south-east) don’t need to struggle for it. But here again, you see how it has come. We will continue to hope that one day God will touch the heart of our brothers and sisters to do that which belongs to us.”

Meanwhile, the strengths of Southeast aspirants in the APC have not been matched to the southwestern aspirants. For instance Uju Ken-Ohanenye, the only female aspirant, stepped aside for Bola Tinubu.

Also as the ballot gets counted, other Southeast aspirants, like Okorocha Rochas and David Umahi, have enjoyed far lesser votes than Tinubu.