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Quophi Okyeame gifts Stacy Amoateng brand-new iPhone 12 Pro Max on her birthday (VIDEO)

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Yesterday marked Stacy Amoateng’s birthday and as a loving and romantic husband, Quophi Okyeame decided to spoil her with the expensive and enviable gadget.

In a video shared by Stacy on her Instagram page, Quophi Okyeame and their children were seen surrounding her in a room decorated with balloons and some gifts on the floor.

Then, after serenading her, Quophi Okyeame dropped the iPhone – and Stacy was speechless for minutes.

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“It’s a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max…fully maxed out. This is from my heart to you,” Quophi Okyeame said before handing her the phone.

One of their children was heard in the background, saying: “You were dreaming about an iPhone 12…You’ve got one!”

Stacy responded: “Thank you. I didn’t see that coming.”

“Now, we all use iPhones in this house, though,” one of their children is heard speaking

Yesterday, Stacy cut ribbons for Lartebiokorshi Grace Library after renovating it in collaboration with the Ghana Library Authority. This was part of her birthday celebration.