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Pulse List: 10 most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram [2021]

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Unlike other platforms, it’s easy to use and the photo-friendliness of it makes it the go-to app to curate their lifestyle.

It has become the most-used social media app by Nigerian celebrities.

For this listicle, we look at the 10 most-followed Nigerian celebrity on the app.

For the fourth year in a roll, Nigerian music star Davido has remained the most followed Nigerian celebrity in the country.

Davido is massive on Instagram and boasts of more followers (19,9m) than the likes of Usher, members of American rap group Migos, (Quavo, Offset and Takeoff) and American rap stars Da Baby and Lil Baby.

The second most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram is the beautiful music star, Yemi Alade. The singer moved one step from her position in 2020.

There’s isn’t much drama on her IG page; just tons of photos from her work and her amazing body.

Unarguably one of the most talented actors to have come from Nigeria, Funke Akindele Bello crosses the Ts and dots the Is when defining a star.

The movie star moved one step up from her position on this list from last year. Akindele’s continuous rise on Instagram can be connected to her die-hard fans who have remained loyal to her craft.

What connects fans with the mother of twins on Instagram is the variety of content on her page. If she’s not sharing rib-cracking videos from her movies and TV drama series, she’s promoting her colleagues or just teasing fans with family photos and videos.

With almost 13 million followers and still counting, Tiwa Savage is the fourth most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram. Sadly, she dropped two positions this year.

However, she gained 2 million followers in just one year. Wondering how she has been able to win more fans over the last year? It’s simple, the single mum has been able to keep her page engaging with content tailored for lovers of her music.

She has continued to post her alluring photos of herself and the adoring moments between she and her son.

Ordinarily, with all his achievements and popularity, Wizkid should be at the top of this list but we all know social media doesn’t work that way.

He has remained in the same spot for the last four years but has grown his fan base by 2 million in just a year. If you are a die-hard fan of Wizkid, then you’ll know he is not big on sharing private or even career details on his social media accounts.

That hasn’t stopped the Wizkid FC from showing him all the love and support on social media.

Ini Edo is the sixth most followed celebrity in Nigeria and this doesn’t surprise many for obvious reasons.

Unlike a lot of movie stars who use their social media platforms to share with fans all their projects, Ini Edo has been able to capture hers with a different approach.

A close look at her page you’d find out that she sure spends a lot of time and money to look amazing. If you didn’t know Ini Edo and bumped into her page, you’d probably think she’s a fashion icon.

There are rich celebrities and there is Peter Okoye who can be used as the yardstick for measuring success and wealth in the entertainment industry.

Everything about the 39-year-old singer oozes class and affluence. From his cars to his mansion and wardrobe, you’d probably run out of data trying to find your way around his Instagram page.

Okoye doesn’t only share photos of his wealth on Instagram, but sometimes reveal details of his tours, and concerts. Another beautiful thing about his page is his beautiful family which he has never hidden from the limelight.

Don Jazzy needs no introduction as he is one of the most successful music moguls in Nigeria.

Jazzy in recent years has however transitioned from that hardlining label head of his Mo’hit Records days to this affable character which is evident from his Instagram post.

This warmness has earned him a lot of followers on Instagram. He is funny, philanthropic and engaging. Don Jazzy is a must follow on Instagram.

One of the biggest names in the comedy business in Nigeria for the past two decades is Ayo Makun. His versatility and business acumen have made him not only popular but very successful.

No wonder he is the most followed comedian in the country.

If he isn’t giving shoutouts to his friends on their birthdays, you are definitely going to see videos and skits from different comedians, including himself.

The Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie is the 10th most followed celebrity in the country. Her steady growth on Instagram can be attributed to her cult-like fans.

One interesting and very unique feat about this actress is the speed at which her 10 million followers are quick to click on anything she shares on the social media platform.

A typical day on Okojie’s Instagram page showcases all the goofy activities that take place in her home. If you want to have a good laugh on Instagram, be sure to have the actress as one of those accounts you follow.