September 25, 2023

Predicting The Winner Of The CONCACAF Gold Cup

The CONCACAF Gold Cup is growing in terms of relevance as the North and Central American nations progress and become protagonists of soccer on a global level.

But what about the competition between them? Let’s have a look at how the football community is seeing each side right now.

What About the Betting Markets?

The best way to ‘grasp’ indirectly the opinion of the sports community is the betting markets. 

Soccer betting odds always ‘tell’ us where the money is going: teams that are getting lots of bets see their odds decreasing, while sides with bigger odds (that keep ‘growing’) don’t really have the faith of the markets.

Clearly, the betting markets show Mexico as the favorite with a moneyline of +175, which translates to 2.75 decimal odds. 

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This means for every $100 wagered on Mexico, a winning bet would return $175 plus the initial stake. 

It’s not surprising considering Mexico’s historic dominance in the Gold Cup, having won the tournament a record eight times.

Right on their tail are the USA with odds of +225. The Yanks, winners of six Gold Cup titles themselves, are a constant threat in the CONCACAF region. 

The Favorite National Teams: Mexico and The US

While Mexico is the front-runner, the markets are paying attention to the potential of a US team full of young talent and steered by a seasoned coach. Bettors wagering $100 on USA would return $225 plus their stake, should they emerge victorious.

Despite a rising wave of young talent, Canada is still seen as a third wheel in this race with odds of +600. Yet, considering their recent performances in World Cup qualifying matches, they might provide a more significant challenge than the odds suggest. 

A $100 bet on Canada could yield a handsome $600 plus the original wager in winnings if they outperform expectations and clinch the trophy.

The markets round out the list with Panama and Costa Rica both at +900. 

These nations have historically been competitive in the Gold Cup, with Costa Rica reaching the semifinals on multiple occasions and Panama finishing as runners-up twice. A winning bet on either of these teams would fetch $900 plus the initial stake for each $100 wagered.

However, it’s crucial to note that these odds might not be the final call. Betting markets are dynamic, and prices can fluctuate leading up to the event or even during it. 

In particular, sports bettors should watch for “enhanced odds” or “special odds” promotions.

Indeed, sportsbook promos such as these can offer even more lucrative returns on your bets. 

Often, sportsbooks will ‘enhance’ or ‘boost’ odds on specific markets or events to attract more wagers. 

While these odds are typically larger than standard market prices, they’re not a measure of likelihood or prediction. Instead, they’re a promotional tool used by sportsbooks to encourage more betting activity.

Therefore, bettors should always be on the lookout for these promos. Some may significantly enhance the returns on Mexico, USA, Canada, Panama, or Costa Rica winning the Gold Cup. 

Such ‘enhanced odds’ promotions could lead to even more significant returns for savvy bettors who spot them and seize the opportunity.


In conclusion, while Mexico and the USA appear to be the most favored teams in the betting markets, the CONCACAF Gold Cup often throws up a surprise or two.

Canada, Panama, and Costa Rica could all pose threats to the traditional powerhouses. 

It’s a competition where the savvy bettor can make significant gains, alert to market movements, and be responsive to sportsbook promos. As always, the key to successful sports betting is researching, monitoring the markets, and making informed decisions.

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