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“People of Ghana, I am very hungry.” Shatta Wale’s mother pleads again

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“People of Ghana, I am very hungry. I’m so hungry. Stop all that talk saying this is hype. What hype? At my age, what hype do I need? I have hidden things from you for a long time. I just haven’t been talking. I have lost everything. I’m sharing the truth with you. At my age, should I go back to sleeping on the streets? Sleeping inside buses? I used to sleep in buses with him, and if today things are better, shouldn’t he take care of me?”, she is heard in an audio circulating on the internet.

Not long ago, Shatta Mama spoke to Accra’s based radio station Hot FM about Shatta’s refusal to pay her rent.

In this new audio, she makes bare her disappointment and how she suffered to give birth to Shatta Wale.

“I gave birth to him at the Police Hospital and suffered a lot. It took thirteen months and nine days before I went into labour. I paid my hospital bills. I circumcised him and paid for it. I am the only one who looked after my child until he was old enough. I was his support when he was Bandana. I was still his support when he couldn’t make music for over 10 years. It was all me. This child comes from my stomach. I looked after him for him to become Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale, who talked about what he will do for me, didn’t even take me to Kaneshie.”

Shatta Mama admonished Shatta Wale not to force her to make pronouncements that may hurt him in the future.

“People of Ghana, pastors, dignitaries, anyone who wants to help me should do so because I am suffering. Help me caution Shatta. All that he is doing I’ve been silent. But this time, I will speak up. I will say it all. Look at what Shatta is doing to me, his mother. Since he came on earth, if he has seen someone doing what he is doing to me, then he should continue. But if not, the elders should advise him about the things he is doing. He shouldn’t force me to speak.”