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Pebetsi Matlaila Gets Trolled For Not Looking “As Pretty” In Real Life, As She Does On TV

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The Skeem Saam actress narated her ordeal when she took herself out to pass some time becuase it was her off day and her husband was off to work. She explained that after a busy day she decided to go home but couldn’t find her parking ticket. She decided to call the the car guard around to look under her car for it since she couldn’t do that in her condition. The car guard recognized her immediately and dragged her for not looking as pretty as she does on set.


Watch video below:

Check some of the reactions below:

“Shame askies, but you are so adorable 😂😂😂I’ve watched this over and over I can’t stop laughing.”

“Ohhh how you speak your language I could listen to you the whole day ❤️🔥don’t worry about the guy, you’re naturally beautiful.” 

“😂😂😂Askies man… I’m laughing mara ha ke tsebe why😂😂 uncle o na le snax atseba. Hao skobo nix love ❤️”

 “Don’t take it like that, he was trying to have a conversation. Ur beautiful pebetsi lol lephodisa la mall leska Isa mood fase hle.”

Source: www.Ghgossip.com