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Pasha 131: The Ethiopian and Tigrayan conflict one year on

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The conflict between Ethiopia and its northern region of Tigray has been going on for a year. The power struggle has created many refugees and caused loss of life and hunger. It has also affected health, water and sanitation systems.

The blockade inflicted by Ethiopia on Tigray means essential humanitarian supplies cannot reach civilians. This is a violation of international human rights and law, because whatever the disputes are between the different authorities, wars have their limits.

Both sides in the conflict have committed atrocities. In today’s episode of Pasha, Mukesh Kapila, professor emeritus in global health and humanitarian affairs at the University of Manchester, looks at the course of the war and how international bodies have responded.

“Tank in the Tigray area in Ethiopia.” By Henk Bogaard found on Shutterstock.

“Happy African Village” by John Bartmann, found on FreeMusicArchive.org licensed under CC0 1.

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