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Operational challenges faced by insurers in Africa amid COVID- 19 [Business Africa]

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We are celebrating 5 years of telling the continent”s stories here on Africanews, this week on Business Africa, we find out how Covid-19 is forcing insurers on the continent to be more inclusive. We also find out Why Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu is passionate about the youth and startups in Africa and Can big business breathe a sigh of relief in post -Magufuli Tanzania? The answers on this edition.

– Insuring Africa –

Insurance penetration on the continent is extremely low compared to global averages. While the Covid-19 pandemic was a nightmare for many businesses and insurers, in Cameroon, a tech savvy entrepreneur is not eating this crisis. We bring you the story of how Richard Lowe of Activa Assurance is making insurance more inclusive using digital tools.

– TEF’s training amid COVID 19 –

Africa is the youngest continent and experts have predicted that the youth bulge on the continent is a double-edged sword. Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian billionaire is determined to harness the positive potential of the youth by investing in their startups. The numbers, an investment of $100m, a target of 1m jobs and $10billion annual revenue. Let’s get inspired.

– Tanzania: Business after Magufuli –

Tanzania’s new president Samia Suhulu Hassan has a unique opportunity to write the next chapter on her country’s business book. She can follow John Magufuli’s tough stance on foreign business or chart a new path and embrace the power and potential of big business. To understand what a Suhulu presidency means for Tanzania’s business community, we take a look at her business decisions over the one month she’s been in charge.