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Nothing Wrong With Going Semi Nude Once In A While In Music Videos – Abyna Morgan

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Abyna Morgan of TV3 Mentor 2020 fame has opined that going semi-nude in music videos is a form of creativity hence she sees nothing wrong with it.

Abyna suggested that she’s the type who likes to explore for which reason she can go all out to express herself in a music video although she admitted she can’t go overboard because of her association with the Mentor brand.

She said this in an interview while speaking to Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360. She said; “Somebody like Abyna, I’m a free bird. I do what I like. Maybe I don’t go overboard at a certain point because of where I find myself, like Mentor.

The Mentor is a reality show that will keep you in check. So maybe I had this whole passion inside, and so I don’t have any problem with somebody being nude”.

Reacting to how people focus on the nude aspect of female artists who flaunt their skin to complement their videos, Abyna Morgan had this to say;

She said, “I disagree with them because if a woman is walking naked, those who want to look will look, and those who don’t won’t look. No siren announces for everyone to look at her, it’s just you, you are doing you”.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com