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Not All Ladies Bleed When They Lose Their Virginity – Kafui Danku Talks About Virginity Myth

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Virgins are believed and expected to bleed during their first intercourse per the beliefs in our local settings and in the past, it was used to confirm if a girl was a virgin or not.

According to the actress, this might not always be true, because of her personal experience and a little research she did on her friends.

Using her personal self as an example, Kafui Danku revealed when he had her first intercourse, there was nothing like that though she was a virgin, she stated emphatically that she didn’t bleed after the first s3ks.


Having the knowledge that there should be bleeding during the first s3ks, Kafui Danku was pushed to ask a few friends when she became of age and was comfortable talking about it.

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Out of the 6 people she asked, 4 confirmed they didn’t bleed after their first intercourse while the two others revealed they did.

She went ahead to disclose how many girls might have been misjudged due to this myth in the past because if someone marries a virgin but after their first intercourse doesn’t bleed, she will be seen as a liar because she didn’t bleed during the intercourse.

Video below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com