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Nigeria now on autopilot – PDP

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government has placed Nigeria on autopilot.

PDP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Debo Ologunagba, Thursday, said all critical indicators showed that the APC has allegedly abdicated its constitutional duty to guarantee the security and welfare of the people.

According to the party “The prevailing chaotic situation in the country with widespread uncertainties, unabating fuel crisis, piercing economic hardship, sectional agitations, heated industrial unrests, infrastructural stagnation, kidnapping, daily bloodletting and escalated insecurity with gangsters now taking over the streets of major cities further confirms that the APC administration is now on autopilot with its central command structure in disarray.

“The decision by President Muhammadu Buhari to jet out to the United Kingdom (where leaders are committed) for yet another “routine medical check-up” after his administration has wrecked our healthcare system and when the nation which he leads is in crisis, underscores the insensitivity of the APC which by nature and outlook has never been ready for governance since inception, the party added.

PDP lamented that while other world leaders are solving problems in their countries, President Buhari, who promised to fix refineries, abandoned Nigerians to the excruciating fuel crisis caused by the corruption allegedly perpetrated by APC leaders

“With the corruption and abdication of duty by the APC, our nation is now at the mercy of black-market vendors who charge already overburdened Nigerians as high as N500 per litre of fuel; a development that has resulted in a spiral increase in transport fares, costs of food, medicines and other essential commodities.”

“By travelling out of the country at the time Nigerians expect him to make himself available and provide leadership to address the agitations by striking university lecturers, President Buhari further exposes APC’s lack of commitment towards the wellbeing and development of Nigerians youths,” PDP added.

According to the PDP, all these further explain “why the APC was unperturbed when its government massacred innocent and helpless Nigerian youths who were merely exercising their constitutional fundamental human right of peaceful protest during the EndSARS protest of October 2020.”

It expressed concern that the insensitivity and utter disregard of the APC and its government for the feelings of the people have heightened tension in the country.

The party cautioned that if not checked, it could result in widespread restiveness and eventual breakdown of law and order.

PDP publicity scribe urged Nigerians to remain steadfast and hopeful as his party presses forward in its mission to rescue and rebuild the country.