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Nicole Thea; Pregnant YouTuber laid to rest (VIDEO)

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The then 24-year-old who was dating Ghanaian-UK based dancer, Global Borga, passed away during labour, according to her family. Two months later, Nicole, who was a dancer as well has been laid to rest over the weekend.

Her boyfriend, took to social media to share a photo from the funeral ceremony to pay tribute to her. “24 hours no shower 2 hours sleep I’m back here to your bedstone. I can do this forever, but I know YOU WANT ME TO COMPLETE OUR MISSIONS. STAYING IN MY HEART FOREVER IS MY NO.1 Mission. The rest can be done later,” he wrote.

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Nicole was laid to rest in a basket-designed coffin and her boyfriend with friends, suited in matching suits served as her pallbearers at the heartbreaking ceremony that saw tears flowing at the ceremony. Watch the video below.