Nice Try, Trump! Fani Willis Will Stay On Donald Trump RICO Case, Legal Lover Nathan Wade Resigns

Judge rules Fani Willis can continue prosecuting the RICO case against Donald Trump for the 2020 election as her lover Nathan Wade resigns.

Nice Try, Trump! Fani Willis Will Stay On Donald Trump RICO Case, Legal Lover Nathan Wade Resigns

Atlanta stays in the headlines—and this time, Fani Willis is trending as the drama between her love life and the law comes to a final resolution. Fulton County’s DA queen will not be stepping down from her throne or her fight with Donald Trump.


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Willis faced plenty of whispers and side-eyes over a spicy subplot involving her and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Yet she is keeping her eyes on the prize: prosecuting former President Donald Trump. The hot-pot case has been simmering since February 10, 2021.

This isn’t your ordinary legal fuss. We’re diving deep into the drama that unfolded after the 2020 election. Trump, desperate to hold on to his presidential digs, allegedly tried to strong-arm Georgia’s election results by calling Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Trump reportedly urged him to “find 11,780 votes” — enough to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.  

Willis, armed with a grand jury and a mission, is navigating through this investigation that includes indictments against Trump and 18 others on various charges, including racketeering. 

As BOSSIP previously reported, the plot thickened in this RICO case when a judge decided that Willis’s romantic entanglement with Wade caused too much chatter in the courtroom and the court of public opinion. 

The Judge Rules That Willis Can Stay On Trump’s Case If Wade Resigns

Fulton County Court Holds Hearings Ahead Of Trump Georgia Election Case

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The ruling? Wade could take a bow and exit stage left, but Willis? She’s staying put! Ensuring this legal drama continues its run without hitting pause. A case without Willis means a new prosecutor has to play catch up, potentially stalling the momentum built over years of work. Willis continues to earn W’s, pushing past slut-shaming, accusations, heavy watch and testimonies against her word from friends and co-workers. 

Let’s spill the tea: this case is more tangled than last season’s reality TV show plotlines, with the grievance from the judge being 23 pages long! Wade shines a light on his ultimate motive to protect this case. His resignation letter waves a white flag on his portion of the case, as Willis carries on the flight.

According to NBC News, the letter was released just hours after the decision reading, 

“Although the court found that ‘the defendants failed to meet their burden of proving that the District Attorney acquired an actual conflict of interest,’ I am offering my resignation in the interest of democracy, in dedication to the American public, and move this case forward as quickly as possible.”

Though the couple share they began dating after 2022, they both won’t let anything stop their commitment to justice of perhaps the juiciest script Fulton County has ever seen. 

Reactions To The Fani Willis Ruling


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As the #BlackLawLove vs #MagaMaggot saga unfolds, it’s clear this is more than just a courtroom case. This battle touches on democracy, the desperation to cling to power, and the robustness of the legal system against unprecedented challenges. With this fresh ruling, there are new opinions that are still split across the board, leaving some skeptical, 

and others optimistic,

Willis is gearing up for what might be the trial of the century, with all eyes on Georgia. Will the DA’s office secure a win against Trump, or will the case take more twists and turns than an Atlanta backstreet? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: in the world of Fulton County law and order, drama is always served with a side of grit and a hefty dose of reality.

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