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My first miracle as a Christian was when God sent me MOMO

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She said in the caption of a photo she shared on Snapchat that this has boosted her belief in wonderful incidents.

The actress explicitly indicated that the occurrence confirms the existence of miracles and that they indeed work if one will have faith.

“God is a miracle worker and I’m always going to tell the world about (how) he sent me money through mobile money and that was my ever first miracle. I must say, I now believe all the miracles I read online when people shared their testimonies.”

Those claims were made by Afia Schwarzenegger who asserted that Moesha had been diagnosed with psychosis.

But Moesha rebutted that there is nothing wrong with her.

She added that she was going to be very vocal from hence and that people will find her new personality more likable.

“I am just a new person and you guys are going to love the new me.

“So, guys, I am going to be saying a lot lately because so many people are calling my family and everyone thinks I am crazy, I am not crazy. I am just a new person and you guys are going to love the new me,” she announced her return to social media.