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‘My family survived, but yours may burn to death’ – Beverly Afaglo to critics (WATCH)

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She said those who are making a mockery of her predicament may face a tougher calamity and that God should forgive them.

“For those who are against me, sitting on TV and radio stations having discussions and laughing over my misfortunes, predicaments and calling me names, swaying people off the fact that I’m going through something and making a ridicule of my misfortune, it may not happen to you,” she said in an Instagram live video today. “When it happens to you, my family has survived, but you and your family may burn to death. I wish you all the best.”

She warned that people who do not love her should not discuss her.

“Just because of numbers, views on YouTube and likes on Instagram, why will you run somebody down? If you have nothing better to say about me, don’t speak about me at all. If you really follow me on Instagram, you will know how I live. I’m a simple person. You will not listen to what people are saying. You will not listen to people dissecting me and those I’ve given content to. God should forgive them.”

Beverly Afaglo cautioned her critics again, saying: “If I survived, your family may have third-degree burns. That’s why I thank God for my life. Nothing can change the blessing God has given me.”

Watch the full video of Beverly Afaglo warning her critics below.