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“My Boyfriend Was Around When I Got My Range Rover Gift”-Hajia4Real

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Ghanaian social media personality and businesswoman, Mona Faiz Montrage, well known as Hajia4Real has finally come out to reply to her critics who say that she sleeps with big men to get gifts.

In an interview on Wontumi TV, Hajia4Real revealed that her boyfriend was around when she received her brand new range rover and the apartment and she made it clear that she never slept with anyone to acquire those things.

” I don’t understand how someone will assume that I slept with someone to get a gift I wasn’t aware of. My boyfriend was there when I received the gift. He was equally as surprised as I was and he Knows I am not that kind of girl. I can play around a lot and have fun but I am someone who respects myself a lot,”


she said.

She also said that she is a hard-working woman who works for whatever she acquires and also trashed rumors that she sleeps around for gifts. She also expressed her displeasure in Ghanaians having wrong perceptions about her.

”I don’t do things for attention, I have the attention I need. I do what pleases me and what makes me happy, I don’t need to do it for attention……. Sometimes when I hear these negative things about myself I get depressed because I am a hardworking woman..”, she added.

She finally urged all young ladies to work hard and live independent lives so that they won’t have to be sleeping with men for favors.