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My Boyfriend Took Me Out For A ‘Surprise’ Only For Him to Introduce His Son I Never Knew About – Lady Recounts

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A woman from South Africa has recounted how her boyfriend swooped her from her house premised on a surprise he wanted to give her only to introduce to his son she never knew of.


Identified as, Landiwe Samkelisiwe, the woman narrated that he picked her up from her place and said he was taking her out for a surprise, but it turned out that he wanted to introduce her to his son.

She shared; ”No 😭😭this man fetched me from my place wathi he’s got a surprise for me . Only to introduce me to his son 😭😭”

See reactions;

@RELEH_LEGODI; Just reminded of this guy said he’s picking up someone then we will go to the mall. Only to find out he’s picking up his daughter 😭 and when we at the mall he receives a call and he gotta leave real quick. Spent the whole day with his amazing daughter 🤗

@PabeeMoganedi; My ex told me his daughter is sick & he’s taking her to the dr. I went abt my day. Security ws a fan &would open gate for him w/out calling. Knock on the door, when I opened – this man &his child unannounced. I felt cornered &upset. However I made a snack bowl for baby girl & smiled

@Mabunda_Faith; His intentions are true. He wouldn’t introduce you to him if he wasn’t serious about you. Men have a unique way of doing things and you just need to embrace that, as long as it’s genuine intentions.

@Abissai12; Being introduced to family is a big step in the right direction honey trust me, you are a special one he wants to take you home

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com