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Musician Who Invited Ama Broni To Twerk On Stage Finally Speaks [Video]

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According to reports, Ama Broni was invited on stage by a musician called Shana to come and twerk on stage half-naked to his song titled “Yiwo Dross”. The winner takes home $100.

Ama Broni climbed the stage, removed her shorts, and started twerking for the price. While she was twerking, some notorious boys invaded the stage and started fondling her breasts and fingering her private part.

In an attempt to escape, Ama Broni fell off the stage and got electrocuted by the stage lights, killing her instantly.

Well, the musician who invited her on stage, Shana has finally come out to say he was not the cause of Ama Broni’s death.


Shana said that he invited anyone to come to the stage and twerk half-naked but never expected anyone to go that far by showing their private part.

Shana, who was stunned at that moment, said he asked the DJ at the event to “pull up” and made sure Ama was safe on the stage.

He also said that he really did not see what happened but per what he heard, Ama Broni tripped while using the staircase and got electrocuted in the process, dying at the spot.

However, he debunked rumors of Ama Broni being harassed sexually, adding that he was not the cause of the accident.

Watch the interview below:

[embedded content]

Source: ghgossip.com