September 23, 2023

Micah Richards slams Fernandes for ‘pathetic’ remedy of Pellistri

  • Micah Richards criticizes Fernandes for ‘pathetic’ treatment of Pellistri

Micah Richards slams Fernandes for'pathetic' treatment of Pellistri
Micah Richards slams Fernandes for ‘pathetic’ treatment of Pellistri

Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese midfielder for Manchester United, has faced criticism from Micah Richards for his treatment of his teammate Facundo Pellistri.


The incident in question occurred during a match where Fernandes was captaining the team. Richards expressed his disapproval of Fernandes’ behavior, describing it as “pathetic.”

Fernandes had been given the captain’s armband at the beginning of the season following Harry Maguire’s removal as club captain. However, Manchester United’s performance under Fernandes’ leadership has been lackluster, with mixed results in their matches.

During a game against Tottenham, tensions ran high, and Fernandes reportedly berated the young player Pellistri after an attacking move was halted. Micah Richards, a former Manchester City player and a well-known figure in football commentary, voiced his criticism of Fernandes’ actions on The Rest Is Football podcast. He said: It’s getting embarrassing now. The young lad Pellistri comes on, Fernandes is trying to get his team playing and I totally understand he’s frustrated.

“Pellistri made a run, Fernandes didn’t see him and [so] he made a different run but because he wasn’t where [Fernandes] wanted him to be, he’s going off at Pellistri. It’s every time. I saw an interview with him the other day and he said he needs to be emotional when he performs because it makes him play better. But I feel like his body language on the pitch is disturbing the rest of the team and it’s just not a good look at all. It’s pathetic at times.”

Bruno Fernandes has faced criticism for his attitude, particularly when facing challenges on the field. Graeme Souness, a Liverpool legend and experienced football commentator, was among those who openly criticized Fernandes for his behavior during matches.

Souness specifically referred to a Premier League fixture last season where Manchester United suffered a significant 7-0 defeat against Liverpool. During that match, Fernandes reportedly showed frustration on the pitch when his team was losing 3-0. Souness condemned Fernandes’ conduct, labeling it as “appalling.”

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