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Meet The Lady Who Plays Church Drums Than Most Men [Video]

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There is a saying that what men can do, women can do it better. Though this saying sometimes turns out to be false, a lady has proven this point as she shows she can play drums more than most men.

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In a video sighted by ghgossip.com, a Ghanaian lady has won the admiration of social media users after she was seen showing her talent as she plays drums like a pro.

Well, we know when it comes to playing instruments, ladies are known to participate in some aspects but not the playing of drums.


In the video, the lady was seen in her Kaba and Slit with a white towel on her shoulders playing the church drums and from the look of things, we doubt if any male drummer will dare to challenge her.

For a lady to be this amazing in a male-dominated area, most ladies can also do the same not particularly playing drums but invading the male-dominated areas to prove themselves.

Watch the video below:

[embedded content]

Source: ghgossip.com