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Meet entertainment pundit, Iking Ferry

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Ferry is known for his unique business ideas, marketing, advertising, and business development skills.

After The completion of his Primary and Secondary education, he moved to Lagos to further his Education. Making a living made him become a mobile phone engineer, but little did he know that life had its own plans.

In 2016/2017 a friend known as Teesmart who was a fast rising rapper in Agege, Lagos was recording his first Single.

Ferry made that happen by supporting him financially for his Studio Session. Ferry started going to the Music Studio with him when ever he had leisure time, and that was how his journey into music began.

Iking Ferry took the risk and enrolled at the Los Angeles College of Music in California, where he studied music business and digital marketing. He did a lot of research about music business and had the opportunity to learn all about programming and web development.

Ferry has worked with some great industry mentors, who helped guide him along his journey and so far so good.

A technologist, Brand Profiler, Digital marketer and Music Entrepreneur, he has also been lucky to have worked with some great media companies like Audiomack, Spotify, Soundcloud and some of the Major Record Labels in the Entertainment Industry Both Home and Abroad.

Ferry specializes in gaining public traction for his clients and is considered one of the leading Nigerian media experts. Through his Digital Streaming Ads Marketing Campaigns, he has been the brain behind some of the best Known musicians Nigeria ever produced.

He is the founder and CEO of Naijatraffic, a Nigerian music, Podcast sharing and Streaming Platform that was Established in 2018. And also the founder of Young Boss Empire a subsidiary of Naijatraffic that focuses on Artist and Brand Management, A&R and Pr Services.

Ferry who shared his perception about the music industry, revealed that his journey hasn’t been smooth and rosy, and he definitely loved every part of the journey to date.

Iking Ferry has received several nominations in recognition of his works and has also won several awards.

His advice for young African artists?. Well, “Most Nigerian and African artists do not know the difference between having a proper label and a label imprint.

These days, everyone forms an imprint and without even a proper registration of the label name as a limited liability company, they claim they are record label owners.

Also being a good artiste or musician doesn’t automatically translate into a good label executive.

As a musician you must be Ready to Carry your Cross and make sure you are always Original, Music is the only true magic in the world, and it is something we can not live without. Music isn’t a thing, it’s a lifestyle. We live by our songs and we all love by our songs. Your music is a product that can potentially meet that need.

The business of music, then, seeks to tailor the product(s) to be something people will spend money on. Once you’ve created a musical product, you market that musical product for sale to the public through Digital promotion, concerts and record sales.

And adding to that he says one’s disability should not stop anyone from achieving your supposed dream.