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Media personality Moshe Ndiki mourns death of his baby

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Media personality Moshe Ndiki gave a dignified send-off to his much loved dog, Sugar.

The media personality took to his social media to tell his fans how his heart was shattered when his dog died.

“I’ve been going through the most the past two days, trying to put it aside just for me to work and saying to myself ‘I’ll grieve on Sunday’. Baby, I love you so much @sugarndiki. I love you and hope the other side treats you well. Glad to have loved you, known you and been your dad and mom,” he wrote.

“So many many memories. You’ve been my first born and what a pity you couldn’t meet your sibling. I’m shattered and I’m asking myself ndiyintoni ngaphandle kwakho. Sugar, I love you sana lwam. Funeral and proper arrangements will be made soon.”

Sharing a video taking fans into what looked like an intimate affair to bid farewell to Sugar, Moshe took the opportunity to thank everyone who had sent condolence messages his way. He also thanked his family and friends for their support during the difficult time.

“Thank you to everyone who sent condolences, attended the funeral and sent us heartwarming messages. You’re truly appreciated. Thank you to my friends and family for understanding my pain and how much I loved my pup. @sugarndiki always and forever.”

Watch the videos below: